Chiptown Rangers

Shine001 : Chiptown Rangers 16/2 Bit fourteen in one.

the cover
CHIPTOWN 16/2 bit
14 in 1 compilation

click here to download the whole compilation (40megs), including the hi-res cover image that done by Rico Hellostereo! (zip folder) to download the track one by one just scroll this page to the end.
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1. Album concept
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Nada-nada yang di buat dalam kompilasi ini umumnya menggunakan “toys machines” seperti game boy, Nintendo, Atari , dan mainan-mainan klasik lainnya yang mengingatkan kita pada masa dimana super Mario dan Donkey Kong berjaya melawan musuh-musuhnya. Ada juga beberapa software yang di gunakan atau beberapa efek game klasik untuk menciptakan nada atau visual game itu sendiri.

Kompilasi ini di buat untuk memperkenalkan kepada orang luas tentang games music (8bit music/chip tune music). Di buat dengan penuh suka dan gembira untuk memuaskan hati bagi pribadi maupun orang lain,dengan memperkenalkan juga beberapa artist 8bit music lokal yang mulai bermunculan dan di lihat dari masih sedikitnya orang yang tertarik memainkan musik ini dan audience yang belum cukup banyak tau akan hal ini maka album kompilasi ini di buat. Album kompilasi ini di buat secara power full dan karakter dari setiap band mempengaruhi isi musik itu sendiri agar terlihat lebih catchy dan funny .

Album kompilasi ini diikuti oleh tiga belas 8-bit artis yang tersebar dari seluruh Indonesia, plus penampilan spesial dari Boy Vs Bacteria yang berasal dari Swedia. Kami bagikan gratis, untuk memperluas jangkauan orang untuk memperoleh isi rekaman ini.

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2. 8bit music info
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8-bit (music)

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8-bit can refer to a style of electronic music inspired by the sound of old computer consoles from the 8 bit era of video games. This music will often reflect sounds from technology that is seen as primitive or “outdated” such as the Game Boy and home made synthesisers.

Chip tune

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MOS 6581 and 8580 Commodore 64 SID chipsA chiptune, or chip music, is music written in sound formats where all the sounds are synthesized in realtime by a computer or video game console sound chip, instead of using sample-based synthesis. The “golden age” of chiptunes was the mid 1980s to early 1990s, when such sound chips were the most common method for creating music on computers. In their desire to create a more complex arrangement that the restrictions posed by the medium apparently allowed, composers developed creative approaches when developing their own electronic sounds. This is due to the early computer sound chips having only simple tone and noise generators imposing limitations on the complexity of the sound. The resultant chiptunes sometimes seem harsh or squeaky to the unaccustomed listener. Chiptunes are closely related to video game music. The term has also been recently applied to more recent compositions that attempt to recreate the chiptune sound, albeit with more complex technology.

Game Boy music is a type of chiptune produced using a game system of the Game Boy line. To produce music of the genre, one needs a Game Boy and a cartridge containing the appropriate software. There are several pieces of software available, but most Game Boy musicians use Nanoloop or Little Sound DJ. Other software includes Carillon Editor, Music Box, Pocket Music, the Game Boy Camera, and others. (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

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3. Track list
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01. Arcade playmate – need no worries
02. Butcher Bachelor – Darah
03. Cacat Nada – mBsB
04. Curah Melodia Mandiri – Am i Evil
05. Delayed Desire – Alat Vital Terbelah Jadi Dua
06. GODARD – three mix 2
07. Hellostereo! – Hokkaido Noon!
08. jw86 – Kanshen Express
09. Local drug store – DomoArigato!!!
10. Motoric Mathematics – Runaway Rudy
11. PicknEy – Jumpin’ Pills
12. Tele8bit – Are we having fun yet
13. turbo blip- JOY
14. Boys VS bacteria – Beyond Raspberry Mountain

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4. Artist info
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01. Arcade playmate =
02. Butcher Bachelor =
03. Cacat Nada =
04. Curah Melodia Mandiri =
05. Delayed Desire =
06. GODARD =
07. Hellostereo! =
08. jw86 =
09. Local drug store =
10. Motoric Mathematics =
11. PicknEy – Jumpin’ Pills =
12. Tele8bit =
13. turbo blip =
14. Boy VS bacteria =

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5. Special thanks
= = = = = = = = =

Untuk semua musisi yang ada dalam album kompilasi ini, teman-teman yang bersedia membantu terbentuknya album kompilasi ini, teman-teman musisi chip-tune, teman-teman musisi yang berada di kota Bandung, Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Semarang, Bali, dan seluruh kota yang ada di Indonesia. Tidak lupa juga teman-teman yang ada di luar Indonesia seperti Malaysia dan Singapore. Shining Records & Eric Wiryanata as
Dan teman-teman media yang telah mendukung album kompilasi ini.

Kalian!!! Yang telah mendengarkan album kompilasi ini dan memberi dukungan penuh terhadap musik lokal di Indonesia khusus nya 8bit music  thanx 4 all…

screamous rottenapple

prambors sugarpop



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6. Credit
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– Compiled by : Shining Records
– Cover Art by : Rico as hellostereo! (
– Hosted by : Eric Wiryanata as

“Thanks Enjoy!*

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7. How to Distribute
= = = = = =
This compilation is free, distributed in a ‘zip’ folders that contain all 14 tracks, cover art, some advertising from our lovely sponsors, and these text,
If you wish to pass along this compilation, please make sure you distribute this compilation including all the files in the directory.
Much appreciate.


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  2. Evil Jelly Tulalit Says:

    GO! GO! Chiptuners!!! Awesome!!!

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